Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New name, and a confession of Harry Potter obsession

Eventually I'll settle on a name for this blog, and it shall be a wonderful day... Possibly.

I have a pathological need to have a double seat to myself while on the train or bus. Sadly this requirement is rarely fufilled, leading me to develop a deep resentment of the poor person next to me. And god forbid they have the teremity to actually say something to me.. for such offenders no punishment is bad enough for them. I'm not declaring this to get any sympathy here, just to point out that I am probably officially insane. This hatred does not extend to friends, of course, but it does extend to people I only know a little bit... they're the worst kind because you are expected to talk to them, despite having very little in common. Apparently it's considered rude just to read your book, no matter how good it is.

Speaking of good books, it is only 4 months now until the final Harry Potter comes out. If Rowling kills off Harry I shall be somewhat displeased, but I would be far more upset if she saw fit to take down Ron or Hermione. Wild predictions-

  • Voldemort will die. Well. This one isn't wild
  • Harry will not- I just don't think it's that kind of book. If he does die, it will obviously be in the final battle
  • Snape will die, relatively soon after revealing that A-he was in love will Lily and B-he was on the side of good. He will sacrifice himself to help fight Voldemort
  • A main good character will die. Possibly a Weasly, possibly Hagrid. If it's Lupin I will be depressed.
  • RAB=Regulus Black. I have a lot to back up this theory, primarily that it required two wizards to get the locket, and only one wizard can get on. Solution? A house elf! Kreacher would be bound to help his young master, especially if he was tricked. Additionally drinking that potion could have been what drove Kreacher mad. Rowling has mentioned that Kreacher is very important- I figure he either knows the location of the locket, or at least the back story.
  • Dumbledore is dead, but will have certainly have left some kind of message- possibly the penseive will give clues.... The look of triumph has yet to be explained, and shall doubtless be the key to Voldemort's defeat. We still have yet to see exactly how love will defeat Voldemort
  • I honestly can't guess where the horcruxes are. But I predict that one will be located somewhere in Hogwarts, leading to a big show down- either the final battle or penultimate.
  • Malfoy will have to redeem himself- possibly by uniting slytherin to help fight against Voldemort.
  • Pettigrew has to pay off his blood debt somehow, mentioned in Azkaban.
  • It'd be nice if Harry stopped using bloody unforgivable curses already! He's earned about twenty sentences in Azkaban.
  • The door they could not open in the ministry of magic will probably feature.

So theres some predictions. I'm confident about most of these, I have made them bold 'cause I'm crazy like that- no hedging about on some of these! My record is not excellent, I will add... I was convinced Harry was going to get together with Luna....


At 3:28 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I made a resolution to do at least one thing rigorously in this course."

Valery failed on that one!

This is an in-joke if anyone's wondering!

At 3:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Did I get it right? Yeah ... I bet I did!" smiles Valery happily.


At 1:41 pm, Blogger Kirbie said...

Happy B'day to the Kman!


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