Saturday, February 04, 2006


Blood and treasure has said what I was about to say, but I'm going to reiterate. I hate it when people do things like this. See, I am all for free speech, and I really do think we cannot ban things like this without going down a slippery slope towards banning anything someone might find offensive. But seriously.

A bomb. In his turban. Riiiiight. That is pathetic. The distinct problem being a complete lack of, you know, humour, in it (not that that seems to stop many newspaper cartoonists. Seriously, where do they find these guys?). It's a silly thing to get angry about, but it's a stupid thing to defend. It's crass, unfunny, and deliberately offensive. Yes, they are free to do it, but that doesn't mean they should.

Honestly, it's a pretty embarrasing affair. THIS is what gets angry muslims on the streets, and not the continuing oppresion of the palestinians or the state in Iraq. THIS is the free speech we defend, and not that being opressed in China, or even here in the UK, or in the US. Can we have a fight about something thats less... silly?


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