Monday, January 30, 2006

a post about nothing in particular

FHM is always an entertaining magazine. It claims it's audience is from the 20-28 range, while I suspect it is more from the 14-17 and convict range. It really is quite dull- ranging from a handful of, while arousing pictures of women, are more than attainable in freer formats, and articles on "britains 'ardest men." I know I certainly tired of it within a year or so of reading.

Although I suppose I am being optimistic. While the idea of reading a magazine entitled "nuts" makes me slightly naseous, it does seem to be common in waiting lounges everywhere, while more intelligent reading makes itself scarce... Indeed, the fact that our universities friday club evening was called "horny" until last year makes me suspect that even a reasonable proportion of supposedly one of the best universities in the country are down in the gutter. Not that I'm claiming that I am the guardian of all that is pure... I just feel we can treat this stuff with a little more class.

Having said that, I am the person who, when my mother mentioned the shop " big heffers" assumed it was a shop for large women (she meant the big "heffers". The book shop). In my defence, it's only because that seems to be the trend for shops nowadays, to have trendy, cutting edge names, and the like.

On that note, has anyone seen that godamn jaguar argument where they keep saying "gorgeous makes me feel good." "Gorgeous loves to drive cars." "Gorgeous is really gorgeous." "Gorgeous makes you fat." "a recent survey showed that gorgeous leads to cancer". This continues along those lines (possibly not exactly as I said it...) until finally saying jaguar. Depressingly it has imprinted the word jaguar in my mind, which means I will have to do my best never to buy a jaguar car in the future. Although admittedly if I tried to find a car who's company hadn't annoyed me through adverts I might come into some difficulty.

Anyway, I have to tidy my room now, the dreaded post exam event, made slightly urgent by the fact that my lovely girlfriend will be arriving this evening, and
I doubt she wants to live in the quite frankly repulsive squalor I find myself inhabiting.

Stay tuned, true believers.


At 6:21 pm, Blogger The Venomous Bee said...

Squalor is an event to be enjoyed in abstract. But it does begin to grate.

At 6:39 pm, Anonymous Amanda said...

Hehe - reminds me of that Babybird song:

"Because you're gorgeous,
I'd do anything for you.
Because you're gorgeous,
I know you'll see me thruuuuuu

Remember that tank-top you bought me?
You wrote "you're gorgeous" on it.
You took me to your rented motor car
And filmed me on the bonnet.

You said I wasn't cheap
You paid me twenty pounds.
You promised to put me in a magazine
On every table in every lounge."

Good to know that it's not only girlies who end up on coffee table magazines....


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