Thursday, May 06, 2010

Why electoral reform

Today I will be casting my vote in Southampton Test. My choice is a bit bleak. I could vote labour, a party I have no faith in anymore, and I feel need time out of power, simply to keep the tories out. Or I could go with my heart and vote lib dem, and possibly contribute to a tory victory here. The latter possibility is unlikely anyway- I doubt power will change hands here.

I'm pretty sure I'll vote lib dem, as every vote counts as an argument for electoral reform- the more absurd the results look (and I'm fairly sure they will)- the more the main parties might actually have to face up to the need for a change.

Worse yet, if I lived 15 minutes up the road, then my vote would be FAR more important. I would be in a marginal constituency which has been tirelessly campaigned in (indeed I helped a little last night, participating in one way even if my vote doesn't count). The people 15 minutes away are members of the group of voters who will actually decide what happens this election.

So vote today, and hope that next election your vote might count.

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