Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why not donate?

There is more to democracy than voting. Outside of an election, you can lobby and write to your mp, join marches, enter debates, get involved in both local and national democracy. Our ability to alter this nation is only as weak as our will to commit to making a difference.

During an election, its a bit different, especially in this one. There are a lot of floating voters around, dissatisfied with the current government, mistrustful of the conservatives, and not convinced by the lib dems. Maybe thats you- well the record of each party, their consistency, their members voting promises, and their manifestos are all available. Get educated- I guarentee there is a side you will favour. For those of you who want a party in power, there is voting and campaigning. But there is also donation. If you are a steadfast green party member in a safe conservative seat, theres not a great deal of a point mounting much of a campaign.

But if you're that involved, why not donate? Your funding could help the party you support campaign in consituencies it can win, and increase the chance that there will be a sitting member of your party, even if not in the constituency you are in.This is especially true for the smaller parties- the conservatives have an overwhelming funding advantage this election (I wonder if they'll cap election donations...), but smaller parties are forced to focus on specific consituencies. Political funding has stopped being about support from members, but merely courting the most wealthy. We can stop that. If you believe in a party, then vote with both your wallet and your.. uh... writing hand.

To put my money where my mouth is, I donated 10 pounds to the liberal democrats. More on this later.

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