Friday, February 05, 2010


One of my least favourite parts about marking (and I have very few favourite parts), is discovering plagiarism. It of course needs to be reported, and then the individuals will be disciplined, and depending on the level, expunged from the degree. Plagiarism at this level really can ruin you for the rest of your life. While my part in the process is fortunately small, its still quite a heavy burden to carry.

The most depressing part is that typically the plagiarists in question will have essentially worked together too much, producing near identical solutions. The individuals in question will probably be a little desperate, which means that despite cheating, they won't get a very good mark. Thats a sad way to jeopardise one's entire life career.

One does wonder if the individuals who do such things really weigh the gravity of the situation, whether they are so utterly desperate that they do not believe they can acheive even a passing mark without resorting to cheating.

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