Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Brown's a bully?

So the media have taken this one and ran with it. Some woman from a charity has claimed that certain people have claimed that Brown is a bully.

Now, this charity.. is certainly a little dodgy, and barely seems a real organisation. Even if it is real, the notion that appearing in the news is a good way to deal with the situation is just obviously false, which puts in to question the motives of the woman who brought it forwards.

Even if all this is true, does it matter? The news is making a big deal of it, in a matter that, to be honest, feels more than a little wrong, but is it surprising that Brown might have bullied someone? He's the prime minister, the ruler of the country, its, perhaps, not surprising that he has qualities similar to that of a bully's.

Bear in mind that the structure of politics in this country encourages bullying. Party's have whips who's entire job is to bully party members into voting with their leader! Thats what parties need to do to push forward their agendas, and that is just accepted. Is this culture wrong? Perhaps, perhaps this isn't the way a country should be governed, but the notion that Brown is some unique tyrant in this is absurd. Politicians are not going to be very nice people, mugging for the camera aside, and I'm not sure picking out one person is a very sensible or fair thing to do. We all know Brown needs to go, but is this really the issue to pick at?

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