Monday, February 08, 2010

Alternative vote

So Gordon Brown is having a death bed conversion to alternative voting. The timing is, of course, hilarious, and rather implies that GB's principles depends on whether those principles will make it easier for his party to be elected, but the system? Pretty solid.

It is exceedingly tiresome to live in a constituency where one's vote matters very little, but many British people have this experience. Unless you live in a swing seat, your vote counts very little to the politicians of this country, and even then you'll probably have to tactical vote. The alternative vote does something to alleviate the problem of wasted vote, and pretty much annihalates the issue of tactical voting.

Want to vote lib dem but want labour our? Well put lib dem first, conservative second. If everyone else shares your viewpoint then the lib dems may surge forth, if they don't, well the vote won't be wasted, as it will still go to a party opposed to Labour. Incidentally, if one really only wants to vote for just one party, one can, the additional preferences are only optional.

Its not a perfect fix, I'd prefer something much more proportional, but its a step in the right direction. It certainly won't lead to coalition governments or weakening the constituency link. One can certainly argue that Gordon Brown is the wrong person to be affecting this change, but I believe that its difficult to argue that the change is a good one.

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