Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Dear university students,

I understand that you get lazy during homework. You have a lot to do, and it doesn't really matter- it hardly counts towards your grade, and your first year mark doesn't actually matter. So you think that it'd be easier just to copy your friends work. Of course, universities look down on plagiarism, as we are here to assess you, not your friends work, so it's best to avoid being that noticeable when doing it.

In particular, when submitting some work done on a mathematical program, don't, for example, have EXACTLY the same wording when writing the short report at the end. I may not pay that much attention while marking scripts, but I really will notice that!

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At 9:28 pm, Blogger oreneta said...

I have had a student not only copy the test, but in a moment of shining brainlessness actually copy the other student's name onto the test as well.

Then there was the wiki rip off in an on line hand in, and when I clicked on the picture, bang...over I went to the original document!!!

At 5:22 am, Blogger The Venomous Bee said...

You know how some people get road rage? I get marking rage. That's why I can only do it in short, two-hour bursts.


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