Thursday, August 16, 2007

A-level results

The A-level results were out today, with weeping and cheering across the country, and predicatable stories about them becoming easier. It's actually a cliched story in whcih the government can do nothing right- if the pass mark is up, it's easier, if it's down, pupils are getting worse, if theres no difference, well then theres been no progress!

I've always thought this call must always be harshest on those students who've failed A-levels- I mean, you've flunked out and failed whatever exam, and now someone is saying that the exams are really easy? They're basically comparing your level of intellect to that of a crustaceans. Harsh.


At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Toby said...

The stats are distorted anyway, I know several people I work with who weren't allowed to take their exams cos the college thought they might fail. Ridiculous. Everyone should be given the opportunity to prove themselves!


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