Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Home Insurance

Just sorted out home insurance for the flat I'm moving into next month. Sometimes when I do these forms online, I feel like they seem to be unaware my demographic exists. Ever single company seems to assume that you are getting insurance for a property you are currently living at, but considering it's my legal responsibility to obtain contents insurance for my flat, I need to have it in place when I move in. Also, cause I've been using my parents insurance away from home to cover me while at university, I don't have a policy under my name, but I have never made an insurance claim.... it's a confusing position to be in, and one that would have been resolved more easily by doing a quote over the phone, but thats just crazy talk.

The internet is such a wonderful invention as it allows me to disconnect myself from real people, even to my disadvantage. Many people are disappointed when they get an electronic voice answering the phone- I am secretly pleased. The electronic voice does not judge me, and it even gives me easy options to put in. It's brilliant.

My secret wish is for all these phone calls to become so smart that I'll never have to speak to someone else on the end of the phone! It will be bitchin. Of course this doesn't apply to people I know, who I'm more than happy to talk to on the phone (briefly).


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