Thursday, September 22, 2011

A challenge for G-plus

When I first joined facebook, it prompted me to find my friends via email. Dutifully, I gave it my hotmail account, which had all my school friend's emails, so it added all those who were ready there and sent invites to others. Annoying, perhaps, but efficient.

So now G-plus is getting started, and its time to invite all my friends. Except... huh... I don't have their email. Since I started using facebook, I don't really have people's emails anymore. Why would I? I have their number, and I can facebook them otherwise. So when g-plus went through my gmail account with suggestions, it mostly just found proffesional emails, plus family members. For g-plus, the gold mine is your friend list on facebook, but it won't be able to access that (at least, without someone creating a hack of some kind).

I want people to move to G-plus, but right now I don't post there- theres no-one to see it, and its a lot of effort to write my status', or share interesting links, on two different websites. I will copy this note to G-plus, but I don't usually.

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