Sunday, June 19, 2011


7th season and its feeling a little tired. Despite the new prize for the winners, the format is essentially the same, with some tasks, where the candidates need to do one on one selling, making even less sense than previously. Still, its got the silly fun that it always has, and its a good viewing.

That said, I'm sick and tired of bullshit firings. When someone is obviously responsible for the failure of the task, its pretty ridiculous to fire the one Alan has decided he doesn't like. Edna for being in HR, and then Glenn for being an engineer. Those were both essentially his entire bloody reasons, and Jim, who was UTTERLY responsible for the team's failure can only have been kept around for entertainment value.

One thing I found weird about the magazine task was that I didn't really understand their responsibilities. Did the apprenti really have to write the whole magazine? That seems an unlikely task for them to succeed at, unless they've all got secret histories as journalists. Yet each team had articles clearly at least pitched by that team. Oh well.

So who do I want to win? Well currently I despise Natasha, who deserved to have her seedy little porn mag get her fired fired fired, Zoe is miserable and Leon is a homophobe. Susan I find kind of amusing, because she is ready to declare how unfair everything is every 5 seconds. Helen is just generally competent thus far, and is dead on to win currently, simply because I don't see her competition. Tom... Tom is wonderful. He's generally right about everything he says, even though no-one listens to him, and actually comes across as a decent human being, a rare task on the human freak show that is the Apprentice. He's even right for the position- yes he can't sell worth a damn, but he's starting a business, which I suspect he'd be fine at. He almost certainly won't win though. Likely winners in my mind are either Helen or Leon, unfortunately

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