Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Emotional Cues

You're watching a film, or a television program. Its an emotional moment, your buying it, being drawn in, possibly even becoming a little dusty. And then here it comes. The music, the goddamn music, telling you you should be sad. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, otherwise a fine little film, is often utterly despoiled by the music cutting in, over heaping moments that really don't need to be over heaped. Battle Star Galactica also has this problem, with celtic music coming in at every single moment.

Long running series have a serious problem with it becoming a pavlovian thing- in Buffy there was the "Buffy and Angel" tune which would play, and make me want to die. Its exceedingly frustrating. Music isn't always bad, of course, but when its hitting you round the face and declaring that you should be feeling a particular emotion at some point, then that can be exceedingly frustrating.



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