Sunday, November 29, 2009


So this article mentions a law I hoped would vanish. That is, its a criminal offence for posession of a cartoon sexual image of a child. That is, if you draw a picture with a child having sex in any context, or keep such a picture, you are breaking the law.

Urgh? Now obviously these kind of pictures are quite offensive to view. They portray images of acts that are repellent. But murder is illegal, as is rape. There exist many graphic novels which portray such things. I understand that paedophilia plays to our most basic fears, but we can't punish people purely for their thoughts. Paedophiles are attracted to children, but this isn't inherently illegal. They want to do something that is forbidden by law, but it isn't until they actually bloody do it.

In the case of photos of actual children, you are in possession of images of acts that have broken the law, and by doing so you are supporting such acts. Thats fine, although a little slippery slopey. Where does it end? If someone was to write something about a child being abused in such a way, should they be punished? Or do we need evidence that they are enjoying such a story?

Laws like this are designed to appeal to the most tabloid feelings some have, and do not deserve to be on our statute. Its a sign that democracy is broken when laws that just do not make sense manage to pass through both houses with no problems.

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