Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dark Heresy:Purge the unclean. Session 1. Sort of

The acolytes, having dealt with the daemon on Iocanthos, left to take the long journey back to Scintilla. Sadly, upon arrival they were dealt with... some suspicion, seeing as the acolyte supposed to be with them was no longer present. Subjected to an ever so pleasent interrogation, they were finally considered to be telling the truth, and were called up for a new assignment, along with a new recruit, Stilgar. Globus Varaak wanted them to inquire into a cult called the "Joyous Choir", a new cult of the Emporer that had appeared on Scintilla. The cult was for some reason using xeno technology to conduct it's affairs, although it was unclear what the tech was intended to do.

To help them accomplish this, the players were sent to live with an old friend of Globus', Laurent Strophes, and pretend to be nobles. Arriving on Scintilla, they were escorted by the bubbly and bored Julia Strophes, who proved to be ever so excited to have new visitors, whom she delighted in dressing in some... rather odd fashions. The majority of the next day was spent drilling in the various customs of the nobility, to prepare them for mingling in the circles, leading to an evening encounter with a mercenary, who promised to sell them a data slate, hopefully holding valuable information about the choir.


I enjoyed running this session. The initial part, where the party were interrogated, was not mentioned anywhere, but it felt right- the inquisition would find it hard to confirm the story by going to iocanthos, which isn't overly reachable, and would be much more inclined to thoroughly interrogate the party. I also like the idea of their own organisation giving them insanity points- it seems utterly appropriate given the Inquisition's nature.

I also enjoyed playing dress up with the party, primarily because the idea of dancing tech priests tickles me on a level I can hardly even explain. No combat this session, which will change in future. The session ran quite quickly, and I probably could have got away with running the party as well, but I hadn't really prepared, so decided to save it for next time.



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