Friday, September 10, 2010


One of the issues with playing Nintendo games has been the insultingly childish plots. Zelda and Mario I'll give a pass to. The former has always been light on plot, and any has been told in a reasonably artistic and fun way, while the latter has its roots in an older time, when gaming wasn't that adult anyway.

I'm more glaring in the direction of the gameboy advance, and advance wars and advance wars tactics.

The first game is an unrepentant turn based strategy game... with bright and colourful visuals. I actually think the visuals actually add to the look, but the main plot... urgh. You have to skip through mountains of dialogue which reads like the worst kind of children's televion- stuff written by adults who think children will enjoy it, but couldn't spot a joke if it hit them in the face. Its painful.

If anything the plot of final fantasy tactics advance is worse. Some kids find a book which ends up transporting them to a fantasy world. The main character takes this all in his stride, and inexplicably becomes the leader of a clan with no trouble. He then bumps into some crystals which he thinks will revert the world back to normal. He has no particular reason to think this, but jumps to conclusions, bringing along a bunch of people who will presumably cease to exist when hes done this.

Both of these games are very adult in the way they play- they'd be pretty hard for kids to understand, although thats another post, so changing the story to an embarrasingly bad plot is just distressing.

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