Sunday, April 12, 2009

Issues with Dr Who

-It managed to have T Davies' trade mark maudlin sentimentality 15 minutes in ("I will get you home, blah blah blah, humans are awesome")
-It introduced a whole bunch of characters we didn't care about (I would rather the insect heads had lived rather than weepy lady)
-The plot was uninteresting and overstretched (hmm, before flying through with my bus, I'm going to take several minutes to look before driving off)
-It had nothing to say about the main characters (and, with no companion, that means the doctor), putting him in EXACTLY the same mentality as he was when he met donna noble.
-It didn't have much to say.

I dunno, it feels like Russel T Davies is really burnt out. If he only has 4 stories left, why not make them stories he really wants to tell. I can forgive stories that aren't about character, or some issue, if theres a really strong story (Blink is an excellent example), but the story was really weak- the characters are trapped on a planet, and are going to die if they don't get off. Thats it. Even that could have work if it was told with pace and urgency, but it blatantly was not. The wormhole was shut with the usual deus ex machina, which always drains tension... bah.


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